Welcome to Springboard Staffing & Services, LLC.

We provide full time and contract placement for technology professionals across the United States.

Our process, while quite simple in nature, is deep and thorough: One or more of our executives will meet with the key hiring personnel. We will talk about the needs of the group and determine the key skills that will ensure the right hire. We will assist in creating a new, or modifying an existing job description to ensure the search criteria and parameters are properly calibrated to ensure success and identify the perfect candidate for your unique organization.

Once that is complete, we will begin to access our database, as well engage our local and global search partners. This unique combination of resources produces a well procured pool of candidates that are well matched for our clients’ specific needs.

In addition to our database and partner network, our team will also actively search within competitive organizations with similar technology footprints, producing an additional stream of highly qualified, passive candidates.

Upon going through our pool of candidates, we will determine what we think are the most highly qualified of the group, and submit to begin the interviewing process. We will utilize all feedback, both positive and negative, to further refine the search based on that initial feedback.

Communication and transparency will be paramount throughout the entire process, allowing us to adjust on the fly to accommodate the ever-changing landscapes that can exist in the professional world.

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